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Carpet Cleaning in Hampton Roads, VA

Do your carpets look less plush and clean than they used to be? After the daily wear and tear your carpets experience, cleaning spot by spot yourself seems awfully daunting. Inside your carpet, hidden bacteria, allergens and invisible dust mites collect over time, and regular vacuuming is just not enough. Hire a cleaning company to save money and time on bringing your home or apartment in good shape.

Master Cleaning technicians go beyond removing surface caret stains. Putting to work powerful technology, carpet cleaning Portsmouth crew can go beyond a simple shampoo and offer deep down extraction of allergens and bacteria. Using a non-toxic emulsifier, our carpet cleaners utilize the industry’s best carpet cleaning technology to attack problem areas. After lifting as much dirt as possible, we’ll apply deodorizers to keep your carpet smelling fresh.

Whether you look for “carpet cleaning Suffolk“, “Norfolk carpet cleaners” or search the web for “carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach”, Master Cleaning is ready to help. We also proudly offer air duct cleaning, power washing and upholstery cleaning to our customers.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Tools

Experienced carpet cleaners will come with special tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This process of removing foreign matter and abrasives from carpeting will extend the useful life of your carpet. Master carpet cleaning company team uses truck mounted equipment and special tools to perform deep steam cleaning.

Modern cleaning methods we use are very effective and do not leave sticky residue behind. Therefore, your carpet can be cleaned as many times per year as needed. Call Master Cleaning today to make your carpet look brand new again!

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